The Pool Walker’s Creed

By Piper Bayard Long ago, my writing partner Holmes and I discussed the fact that we’re no good to each other dead. As we age, we have to work a little harder at that not getting dead thing than we used to. So we agreed that our bare minimum [...]

Does Your Child Want to Join a Local Sport Team?

Over 50,000 teams and leagues For parents of young athletes, finding the ideal local sports league for your child to join can be an adventure to say the least. With no formal system in place, many parents depend on word of mouth and community [...]

Want to Take a Hike through History?

Pueblo Grande Museum January Tours, Hikes, and Classes Phoenix, AZ, December 5, 2013 – Join Pueblo Grande Museum in January for a variety of tours, hikes, and classes with something for all interests, ages and budgets!  Programs at pueblogrande.com or [...]

Local Opening Announcement And Special

Chandler, Arizona. (2013) – Vibetality, (Pronounced “Vibe”-‘Tality”) the area’s newest  Fitness, Yoga, Massage, Float Therapy and human optimization studio, is proud to open its doors in the Phoenix area. Vibetality is truly the world’s [...]

“Better” Has No Finish Line

This Week’s Inspiration: “Better” Has No Finish Line by Jenny Hansen   This “getting back in shape” stuff is killing me. Last week, I shared with you some important lessons Crossfit is teaching me about [...]

Important Lessons Crossfit Is Teaching Me About Writing

What Crossfit Is Teaching Me About Writing by Jenny Hansen   Hubby and I have been trying to get into better shape since last September and after four months, I’ve got to confess it: I still don’t like exercise. Our fitness [...]

90 Day Dad Challenge: Be the hero in your family’s eyes

Stand & Command Martial Arts “REAL Martial Arts for REAL life!” 90 Day Dad Challenge: Be the hero in your family’s eyes.  Feel confident that you could protect your family.  Be the man your wife wants you to be.  [...]

Fear of the Week: Hot Yoga Might Kill Me

My Deep Fear of Bikram Yoga by Jenny Hansen One of my BFF’s is hot on my flabby tail to try Bikram Yoga. A few months weeks ago, she sent me a link from Mind Body Green with a link to this Seattle Craig’s List ad. (I recommend reading [...]

Crossing The Line At Crossfit

Crossing The Line At Crossfit (aka The Moaning Workout) by Jenny Hansen   Hubby and I have been doing Crossfit for about 6 weeks now. Actually, I took a three-week hiatus for shingles, but he’s been going the entire six weeks, 3x a [...]