Making MLK a Holiday a Reality In Arizona

Real Talk with Louanna MLK Special – The Man and Women that were Influential in Making MLK a Holiday a Reality In Arizona

The Martin Luther King Day Holiday wasn’t approved as a actual Federal Holiday in Arizona until 1992. Many Men and Women fought for this Holiday to be recognized in Arizona all over the state. Real Talk with Louanna will have the pleasure of speaking with some of the great individuals who were Influential to this movement in Making Martin Luther King Day a Federal Holiday and A Day of service. Guest Include but not limited to:

Hubert Ross- He was very Influential in helping to recruit people to get involved with the march. Which lead to MLK Day becoming a reality. Learn more about the struggles and experiences he went through in order for me and you to experience MLK Day as a Holiday!

Elmer Green, Sr.- started reciting the historical “I Have A Dream” speech to an audience of his four small children many years ago; since then and for more than 30 years, he knows seven of Dr. King’s speeches verbatim and recites them at churches, organizations, schools, museums and homes of people who are the core of this community, our city and our State.

AJ Miller- He participated in the marches with Dr. Martin Luther King In Alabama. He was one of the leaders to start the movement that resulted Dr Martin Luther King becoming a Holiday in Arizona.

Don’t miss this Sunday for Martin Luther King Day. The show is broadcasted live on www.supavision.tv/www.radiosupa.com at 4pm MST

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