Local Opening Announcement And Special

Chandler, Arizona. (2013) – Vibetality, (Pronounced “Vibe”-‘Tality”) the area’s newest  Fitness, Yoga, Massage, Float Therapy and human optimization studio, is proud to open its doors in the Phoenix area. Vibetality is truly the world’s first total human optimization studio, offering 2,600 SF of world class, cutting edge health and fitness options and technology to the east valley community. The Vibetality studio is equipped with 10 state-of-the-art NASA designed whole body vibration plates which are focus of the Vibetality 15 minute fitness, vibration yoga and renewal classes. The studio also offers traditional hatha yoga classes taught by the valley’s premier yoga instructors. On top of the fitness classes, Vibetality also offers massage and flotation tank therapy appointments. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to open Vibetality in our Chandler/Gilbert community and are very excited to share our quick, unique and effective fitness classes to the east valley,” said Patrick Brennan, co-founder of Vibetality. “Vibetality offers local residents an opportunity to work out, feel great, and look even better, in as little as 15 minutes a day. We are thrilled to have already have users who have lost 19 inches in just 30 days of our classes. Our highly scientific equipment and instruction offered at Vibetality’s affordable price, on top of the time savings we offer is something no one else can provide in the fitness industry.”
For more information about Vibetality call 602.VIBE.007 (602.842.3007) or e-mail info@vibetality.com, or visit www.Vibetality.com
About Vibetality:
Established in 2013 Our mission at Vibetality is simple; we want to reconnect people to their inherent state of well-being, happiness and vitality, and create positive and long-lasting physical and mental change for our students and our community.  By blending ancient practices with cutting edge innovations we create the perfect blend of modalities to support each person’s unique strengths and challenges. Our goal is to inspire your life, your body, and your spirit, without keeping you from living your life.


Current special: 50% off lifetime dues for the first 30 members.

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