Monorchid Enhances Its Art Program With A New Director/curator

monOrchid December exhibition


WHEN :  December (12/1-12/31)

WHERE : MonOrchid, the premier art gallery in Downtown Phoenix.


Wayne Rainey, owner and operator of the monOrchid and Rainey Studios decided it is time to take the art program not just to the next level, but three levels further and bring in an experienced curator to direct the gallery. 

Mr. Rainey selected Justin Germain to enhance the vision he has for the monOrchid art program. Justin comes to the monOrchid with over 10 years in gallery management and curatorial experience with organizations in the Phoenix area including Larsen Gallery and

Arizona State University Art Museum.  Mr. Germain’s first exhibition at monOrchid will open in December, featuring two Phoenix area artists, Dino Paul and Laura Spalding Best.


Dino Paul is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist.

He has been practicing his craft for over 30 years, but is relatively new to the “art world” first sharing his artwork in 2011. Dino’s work as a designer and illustrator have garnered numerous local and national awards and his work has been featured in and numerous design competitions and publications. His art does not have any social commentary or compel thought through obscurity; the work is focused on his personal view of the world and experimentation with imagery. He calls his work his “perception of observation” because he creates his images from his mind’s eye without having any direction or rules to follow, often resulting details that are just “a little off.” Dino’s images of people and nature use bright colors, distorted features, misaligned light sources, or skewed perspectives that challenge the viewer to question their own perception and hopefully find amusement in the disjointed details.

Laura Spalding Best is Arizona State University alumni who has shown in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area for nearly 10 years and been featured in multiple local publications as well as New American Paintings.

Laura also recently received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Artist Grant to continue working on several series of paintings that examine the urban landscape of Phoenix and the mundane structures that represent the community. For some time her work has focused on the collective aesthetic of the urban landscape. The idea that individuals and communities are connected literally and abstractly by common fixtures and sights is a driving force behind her paintings. Her new paintings describe different areas of greater Phoenix by the electrical lines and telephone poles that line the streets. The images reveal the unique history and character of each structure and the links between them. By unifying the portraits of these objects into a single painting or a series of paintings, she represents a monumental network that we all relate to, even though it is mostly unnoticed in our everyday lives.

The exhibition is open at monOrchid through the month of December (12/1-12/31). MonOrchid is open to the public First and Third Fridays every month and by appointment.





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