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SOA Speed Combine March 30th, 2013
SOA Speed and Agility Combine
Sponsored by Shamrock Farms Rockin RefuelSaturday March 30th 10:00-12:30 at Red Mtn High School
Boys and Girls ages 9-18
Let’s see where you are for the start of 2013

Get tested:
10/20 and 40 yard sprint
Pro Agility
Broad Jump
Vertical Jump

*Video analysis to see if you are prone to ACL and other knee injuries
*Video analysis of running form to help you improve even after you leave camp
Weight and Waist measurements
Learn how to eat and hydrate like and athlete

*The Video analysis will be sent to you after camp with audio and video of how they performed and how to continue to improve. This tool is invaluable. We are visual learners, the athletes will get to see exactly what I see and learn how to prevent the knee problems as well as improve their performance. This alone is worth the price of admission!

Now that football and soccer and basketball is over for most of you it’s time to see where you are and how to be even better for next season!

What you need to do to prepare:
Must wear tennis shoes but bring cleats as well if you have them
Something comfortable to work out in.
Drink at least 4-5 (16 oz) bottles of water each of the three days prior to camp
Eat a small breakfast with protein the morning of workout, no milk just prior to camp. Save that for afterward to recover.

Sign up online or contact me by email to reserve your spot if you are a coach with a team.

Coaches I want you to be at this Combine Camp saturday to take notes and ask questions.

Individual athlete $30
Family of two or more $50
Team of at least 5, $20 each (contact me ahead of time you can pay at the camp) Please contact me to be sure there is room for your team. Do not just show up. I have a limited number I can take for this camp so I must know numbers before the start of camp.

Do not miss this camp if you want your athlete to get started on the right foot for this upcoming season. Please forward this info as soon as possible to your teammates, coaches and friends.

Any questions reply to email or call us.

Thank you
Bob Davis
Strength of America Founder since 1989
Red Mtn Strength and Speed Coach
Az NSCA Board Member
Former Nebraska Strength and Speed Coach 1985-89

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